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Has Your Motorhome Insurance Company changed the small print so you are not covered for theft? Carlock Tracker

CARLOCK Car Tracker

Has Your Motorhome Insurance Company changed the small print so you are not covered for theft?

CARLOCK Car Tracker

Carlock Tracker
After watching the video below I rang my insurance company to find out if a tracker was required to ensure my motorhome was fully covered for theft. The reply was “yes, did you not read the policy terms and conditions?”
This is a clear misrepresentation of the policy at the time of purchase and I will be taking this further.
It just so happens that I fitted a Carlock Tracker to my motorhome about a month ago, but that does not release my insurance company from the responsibility to inform policyholders that are either renewing or taking out an insurance policy, that a tracker is required to ensure cover for theft.
So the advice is if your motorhome, camper, or caravan is not fitted with a tracker get one! Then call your insurance company and check their honesty before informing them that you have one fitted.

Carlock Tracker
This tracker is extremely easy to fit and you can put it anywhere within reach of a 12v supply. Setting up requires an App (on IOS and Android) and the registration number that came with the tracker. There is a monthly charge of around £6..
I have fitted and hidden a Carlock Tracker in my motorhome but I also fitted an OBD tracker on the OBD port under the dash. This is easily unplugged and removed. Leaving the said thief thinking that the tracker has been removed.

Carlock Tracker
Urban Vanlife Youtube video on the Carlock Tracker

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