maxpeedingrods dual fuel generator

Maxpeedingrods MXR3500s Dual/Fuel Generator

Maxpeedingrods MXR3500s Dual/Fuel Generator


3.5Kw Dual Fuel Generator Inverter Petrol / Petrol Portable

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Immediate Release

Maxpeedingrods is proud to announce the release of the MXR3500s dual-fuel inverter generator. This powerful and versatile generator is capable of running on either gasoline or propane, giving you the flexibility to choose the fuel that is most convenient and available to you.


With a peak output of 3,500 watts and a continuous output of 3,200 watts, the MXR3500s is perfect for use at home, on the job site, or during outdoor events and activities. It is also equipped with a convenient digital display that shows you the current output, run time, and fuel level, making it easy to monitor and manage your power needs.

MaxPeedingrods Generators Popular UK Models

The MXR3500s is also designed with safety in mind. It features a low oil shut-off function that automatically shuts off the generator if the oil level gets too low, protecting the engine from damage. It also has a built-in overload protection system to prevent damage to the generator or connected devices.

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Power and Safety Features

In addition to its impressive power and safety features, the MXR3500s is also easy to use. It has a convenient electric start function, as well as a traditional pull-start option and remote start with a keyfob, making it easy to get the generator running quickly. It also has a compact and portable design, with a built-in handle and wheels, making it easy to take with you wherever you go.

The MXR3500s duel fuel inverter generator is a reliable and versatile power source that is perfect for a wide range of applications. Whether you need power for your home, your job site, or your outdoor adventures, the MXR3500s has you covered. Get yours today and enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing you have a reliable source of power whenever and wherever you need it.
Available in USA & Europe

MaxPeedingrods Generators Popular UK Models

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Maxpeedingrods MXR3500 Inverter Generator

Maxpeedingrods MXR3500s Dual/Fuel Generator

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MaxPeedingrods Generators Popular UK Models

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