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21 Motorhome Essentials Every Van Needs

10m Mains Hook up Lead/Extension


21 Motorhome Essentials

  • Hosepipe

To fill your water tanks, you will need a hosepipe. It is strongly recommended to get one 10 – 15m in length. It is best to use a food-grade hose. Although a flat hose is much simpler to store, I prefer the normal hose. Too many times I’ve been caught out when I’ve found out my hose is a few feet too short and had to shift the van closer to the tap while other motorhomers sit and watch.

Food Grade Hose

Food Grade Hose

Hose connections are a great idea, I use Hozelock which is a pretty universal fitting but I still carry the brass adaptors for different size taps just in case. Don’t leave the connectors at home! A water tankfiller cap makes filling your van’s water tank easier.

Hozelock 2352 Hose Fitting

Hozelock Hose Adaptors

Universal Water Tank Cap

220v electric hookup cable is a necessity on campsites, spread the cable out on the ground beside your van. Top tip – When coiling up your cable start in the middle and work your way to the end, when that’s done start again from the middle of the cable and work your way to the other end. ( you’ll need to practice this a few times) The advantage of coiling it this way is if it gets into a tangle you only have to untangle half of it. (You’ll also look like a pro!!)

25m Mains Hook up lead

2-Way Splitter Mains Hookup

A 220v to mains adaptor  is handy as some sites do not have enough power outlets for the number of pitches.

Lead Converter 13A/16A Plug/Socket

Calor Gas Bottle Spanner
gaslow - refillable bottle gas system

You can choose from bottles that can be exchanged or refilled. Stick with exchangeable if you want to spend the majority of your time in the UK. Get a spanner for tightening/loosening the bottles. The normal size is 30mm. I use the refillable gas system by Gaslow.

Fiamma Level Up Kit

After only one night at an awful angle, you’ll understand why levelling ramps are a need for motorhomes.
I definitely suggest them. When it’s muddy or damp, the storage bag is very helpful.

Milenco Mud Traction Mats

Have you ever been stranded on a muddy pitch or field while on a camping trip? I have… It was not enjoyable.
Without these mud mats, I don’t think we would have managed to escape. They are crucial motorhome equipment that cannot be without.

Fire Extinguisher & Blanket

It goes without saying that a fire extinguisher and fire blanket are essential. Never travel without them!

Anywhere you use gas or oil for cooking or heating you MUST have a Carbon Monoxide alarm!

Kidde Carbon Monoxide Alarm

Safety Kits

Other essential things for your motorhome are first aid kits, spare bulbs and fuses, a roadside warning triangle and a basic tool kit

First Aid Kit Motorhome Accessories
Motorhome Emergency Kit

There’s nothing more annoying twhen something electrical suddenly stops working. Only to find it’s a blown fuse and there’s not a spare fuse anywhere in the van.

100pcs Blade Fuses

Have you got a spare wheel? Most will not know that the majority of motorhomes do not have a spare wheel! It’s a lengthy process calling out a recovery company only to find you have no spare. Ewo items that will save you a lot of time, if you do the repair yourself or call the AA RAC or Green Flag etc. Trust me I know!

Tyre Repair Kit Universal

RAC900 Tyre Inflator

Driving up a restricted road or street could lead you into some embarrassing situations. Evan an invitation for a chat with the boys in blue! The Garmin Motorhome Satnav can save you from that. By giving it your motorhome dimensions and weight it will keep you off the roads that are not designed for the size of your vehicle.

Garmin Motorhome Satnav
Avtex Tourer Two - Caravan and Motorhome Satellite Navigation System

If you spend a lot of time in your motorhome, cleaning will be necessary. I have had a variety of 12v vacuum cleaner models and have come to the conclusion that Dyson may not be worth the money. Choosing one that has a 12-volt charging option is the only real option.

Handheld Vacuum Cleaner

These are just a few things that I regard as essential and will make living in your motorhome or campervan just that little bit more comfortable. If you think I should add anything else just message me with what it is and how it made living in your van a whole lot better.

21 Motorhome Essentials

Selected items are from Johnny’s Backyard Online Accessory Store