Car Cleaner Brush Set

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VERSATILE CLEANING TOOL: Detailing Brush Set great for wet and dry use, this multi-function brush aims to remove the wheels, the dashboard, the wiper, the air vent, the glasses, the seats, the dust, bread crumbs, and other small items out of your wheels, Make your loved car fully tidy.


Car Cleaner Brush Set

Car Cleaner Brush Set

  • Detailing Brush Set is great for wet and dry use. The multi-function brush reaches places that others can’t.
  • Detailing Brush Set is easy to use. Pick up dirt, dust, and pollen in just one sweep! Includes 5 different brush sizes,1 microfiber car cloth, suitable for all kinds of vehicles: cars, SUVs, RVs, motorcycles, and trucks.
  • Handle made of round shape and smooth surface, anti-slip and offer a comfortable grip, unique hole on the top of the handle is convenient to hang after use. Keep your brushes handy and accessible with our handle-hanging holes.
  • These premium bristle detailing brushes provide the optimal firmness for keeping your car’s exterior and interior clean. The brushes are firm enough to remove dirt and grime but soft enough to not leave scratches or swirls on your wheels or paint, leaving your car looking its best.
  • With our car cleaning tools kit, every inch of your car will be clean inside and out making your car look brand new. Detailing Brush Set is the perfect gift for Men & Women who love a clean vehicle.

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