Motorhome Maintainer Wax 750ml Caravan & Camper

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PROTEX Caravan & Motorhome Maintainer Wax 750ml
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Motorhome Maintainer Wax

Motorhome Maintainer Wax
WHAT IS THIS MAINTAINER WAX FOR? – Formulated to quickly add a layer of protection to your leisure vehicle.

This rapid wax can be used on metal and fiberglass surfaces as well as chrome, vinyl, plastic, and rubber, keeping your caravan or motorhome in pristine condition with minimum effort.

APPLICATION PROCESS – After washing your vehicle, apply a light spray of wax working on one panel at a time keeping the sprayer about 6 inches from the panel.

Using a microfibre cloth gently wipe away any excess spray then swap to a clean microfibre and buff to a shine.

Once the vehicle has been cleaned and protected simply repeat every few months for year-round protection.

#motorhome #accessories #vanlife #caravan #campervan #selfbuild #scotland

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