Streetwize Wheel Clamp Full Face Heavy Duty Clamp

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Streetwize Wheel Clamp Full Face Heavy Duty Clamp

Safety From Theft

Losing your vehicle at a camping location far from the city can be a nightmare. But, with this Streetwize Yellow wheel clamp, you can protect your vehicle from potential thefts.

Easy FIT

It doesn’t matter if you have a car, motorhome, or camper van. Streetwize clamp will fit with wheels ranging from 13” to 17”. 

Easy to Use

Forget the frustration of putting a lock and chain on to protect your vehicle. This Wheel Clamp Full Face is very easy to attach and lock. With its compact size, you can store it in the external locker or boot of your car.

Strong and Sturdy

Even if a thief dares to use a power tool on the Streetwize wheel clamp, there is nothing to be worried about. This sturdy steel clamp is designed to be highly resistant to a wide range of power tools.

Visual Theft Deterrent

Thieves tend to spot the car before they attempt the theft. This Wheel clamp is bright yellow and very easy to spot even in dim light, alerting the thieves about your security measures.

Streetwize full face wheel clamp gives complete protection to the vehicles from theft. Yellow colour it can be easily spotted in the dark, alerting thieves about your security measures. The sturdy steel construction makes this clamp resistant to a wide range of power tools and it is almost impossible to cut through it. The full-face feature protects even the hub and wheel nuts. These features when combined together in this clamp, they make a device that is impossible to break through and keep cars, campervans, and other such vehicles safe from theft.

Fit and East to Use

Easy to use. A gentle twist of the key to protecting your car or motorhome from theft. The clamp can fit wheel sizes ranging from 13” to 17”, which means that it can protect a range of vehicles, like- Campervans, Cars, SUVs, 4x4s, Caravans, etc. Complete with two keys.


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