Water Filler Gravity Inlet Box Multi Function With 12v Socket with Tap Fitting

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 External Water Filler Box Multi Function With 12v Socket and Tap Fitting

Motorhome Water Filler Box

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The External Water Filler Box is a multi-function device that makes filling your water tank easy. It features a 12V socket and tap fitting, so you can easily fill your motorhome or campervan’s water tank. The lockable gravity inlet is easy to fit and has a low external profile.

One of the standout features of this water filler is the 12v socket, which allows you to, for example, simply pump water from an aquaroll to your taken via a 12v submersible pump. This eliminates the need for manual pumping or the use of a hose.

External surface mounted gravity feed fresh water filler.
Made from anti-yellowing ABS plastic.
Features a cigarette 12v socket and switch, and a connector for an external tap for connection to the motorhome pressured water system.
Lockable filler cap and magnetic external flap.
IP44 waterproofing.
Overflow water venting connection.
Available in White only.

Motorhome Water Filler Box


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