PowerOak Portable Power Station 1500Watt Power Supply Solar Generator

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PowerOak Portable Power Station – Portable power supply – Complete MPPT controller – AC inverter 1000W


 PowerOak Portable Power Station

PowerOak Portable Power Station

1500Wh Huge Capacity Power Station Power
Oak EB150 has 1500Wh lithium power.

High Efficient Solar Generator With a wide solar recharge range of 16-60V(OCV), you can connect multi solar panels in series or parallel to provide Max.500W solar energy, and the pre-installed MPPT controller in the PowerOak EB150 enables the power station to charge 40% faster. We recommend SP120(120W) or SP200(200W) solar panels to recharge this power station.

Multi Outputs for Various Power Needs
2x230V AC outlets for most household appliances under 1000W.
1x Regulated DC12V for car devices like mini-fridge, car vacuum cleaners,
1x 45W Type-C for USB-C devices such as Laptop MacBook/MacBook Pro & PD Type-C Phones,
4x5V3A(Max) USB for phones, tablets, cameras, fans, lights etc.

Solar/AC/Generator Recharge
This power station can be fully charged in 7.5-8 hrs by being plugged into the wall outlet. Charge time varies on the solar panel, eg. 2x SP200 200W Solar Panel in series: About 5-5.5Hrs.

What You Can Get 1x  Portable power station(EB150), 1x AC wall charger(200W), 1x PV Solar Charging Cable(DC7909 to MC*4, 1.7meters), 1x User Manual.

PowerOak Portable Power Station

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