Dehumidifier Pack Condensation Remover

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ANSIO Dehumidifier Pack of 10 x 500ml Condensation Remover Moisture Absorber, Dehumidifiers for Damp, Mould, Moisture in Home, Kitchen, Wardrobe, Bedroom, Caravan, Office, Garage, Bathroom, Basement 500 ml, Pack of 10


Dehumidifier Pack Condensation Remover

Dehumidifier Pack Condensation Remover

  • Ansio Interior Dehumidifier designed to remove dampness & humidity from the air in your home
  • The unique hydrophilic crystals are specifically formulated to draw and retain moisture from the air. This helps combat condensation, damp rooms, allergens in the air, mould, mildew and neutralises odours.
  • Easy to use. Ideal for rooms including kitchens, bathrooms, living rooms, bedrooms, basements, caravans, boats, garages, or anywhere excess moisture is causing a problem
  • The first drop appears within 1 – 3 weeks depending on the humidity level. Absorbs up to 3 times it’s own weight in water
  • Depending on the humidity level, the product will last between 4 – 6 weeks

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