Pofung T15FRS 2pcs Two Way Radio Walkie Talkies 16ch PMR Radio

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Pofung T15FRS Two Way Radio Walkie Talkie 16ch PMR Radio
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T15FRS Two Way Radio

When you’re out and about with friends and family, this walkie-talkie is ideal. Stay in contact when camping, visiting a park, going to the beach, or having a picnic, even on the road in convoy. Give them to the youngsters to have some fun with or to remain in touch with while they’re not in sight. These walkie-talkies may be utilised in a number of ways thanks to their simple and attractive design.

1. A lightweight and compact communication device
2. Provide you clear and loud sound
3. Can be used to keep communication with partners or workmates
4. Digital tube, flashlight, 16 channels, double knob (fixed antenna), aluminum shield
5. Prevent users from hearing other transmissions and avoid interference.
6. Suitable for many occasions, such as hikes, traveling in convoy, campsites, walking, etc.
7. License free use in UK and Europe.
8. USB Charging makes these radios great for Motorhome and Campsite use.

1. Color: Black
2. Brand: Pofung
3. Model: T15
4. Capacity: 1500mAh
5. Power: 2(W)
6. Quantity: 2 pcs

Package Includes:
Two Walkie-Talkie
One 1500mAh Battery
One USB Charging Adapter
One Manual

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T15FRS Two Way Radio

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