2000W 12V Pure Sine Wave Inverter with UPS Function

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Renogy 2000w 12v Pure Sine Wave Inverter

Renogy 2000w 12v Pure Sine Wave Inverter

Key Features

UPS Function: Rapidly switches between battery and AC power in 50mS.
Incorporates internal backup DC fuse for enhanced safety.
Comprehensive electronic protections for ultra safety.
Pure sine wave power gives you cleaner, smoother electricity.
AC priority switch.

The perfect addition to any off-grid system, whether for a van or a cabin, the Renogy 2000W Pure Sine Wave Power Inverter acts as a DC to AC converter that allows you to power your household appliances. Unlike modified sine wave inverters, this 2000W inverter is a pure sine wave, capable of producing cleaner, smoother, and more reliable electricity to operate tools, fans, lights, and other electronics without interference.

Many off-grid systems require a 12V solar inverter to power everyday electronics and this one includes multiple protections to help things run smoothly and safely. The AC priority switch function enables the inverter automatically switch from the battery (DC) to the mains (AC) and vice-vercer whenever the mains powersupply fails.


Renogy 2000W 12V Pure Sine Wave Inverter
Continuous Power: 2000W Surge Power (Peak Power): 4000W
Input Voltage: 12VDC Output Voltage: 220VAC±10
Input Voltage Range: 11-16Vdc Static Current: 1.3A
Output Frequency (Nominal): 50Hz±0.3 Output Wave form: Pure Sine Wave
Low Voltage Shutdown: 10Vdc Recover from low voltage protection
High Voltage Shutdown: 16.3Vdc Battery supply & AC main transfer time within 50mS
Maximum Efficiency: 90% Working Temperature: 0°C~40°C
Dimensions: 442*220*92 mm Weight: 4.8Kg

Package includes:

The first option: battery inverter x1, remote control x 1 and cables (20mm²) x 1 The second option: the first option x1 and 100ah battery x1
Accessories 1-year material warranty




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