12V 5000W Air Diesel Heater 2KW-8KW for Motorhomes

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Air Diesel Heater 2KW-8KW for Motorhomes 12V 5000W 

Air Diesel Heater 2KW-8KW for Motorhomes
Maxpeedingrods Diesel Heater

Stay warm in the miserable winter storm with Maxpeedingrods Air Heaters,only need 12V power supply working in extreme temperature. Our Air Heaters are smooth, automatic room temperature control with temperature pre-set facility. It’s suitable for longer periods of operation with low fuel and power consumption.


Condition New
Car Air Conditioning Type Heating
Fuel Type Diesel Only
Material Metal & Plastic
Switch Type LCD Switch
Power 1KW-8KW Adjustable
Rated Voltage 12V
Fuel Consumption(L/H) 0.14-0.64
Working Temperature of the Heater -40℃~+50℃
Working Temperature of the Oil Pump -40℃~+40℃
Item Size 390x145x145mm
Fuel Tank 400x315x85mm, 10L
Color Black & Red
Certification Rohs/CE/RCM
Package Size(cm) 47*44*27CM
Package Gross Weight(KG) 8.04 KG


Compatible for Motorhomes, Campervans, Caravans, Popup Campers and Truck Campers, Small Truck, Big Truck, Light Truck, Heavy Truck, Pickup, Van,Bus,Car,SUV, Boat




The air diesel heater can be used for truck, boat, car trailer, motorhomes, touring car, camper vans, caravans, and all kinds of other diesel vehicles.


Easy to install , remove and maintain. The vehicle can be preheated by the remote control to eliminate the frost on the windows. At the same time, the remote control can adjust the oil volume, temperature, and wind speed. The heater is equipped with a complete set of assembly parts for easy installation.


The combustion chamber, the base and the heat-dissipating scale are all sand-blasted aluminum parts. It is integrally formed, with the heat dissipation fast and uniform.


Volatile technology, the ceramic igniter heats the fuel to evaporate into a gas and burn it quickly and fully. Low emission, low fuel and power consumption, suitable for long running time.


The optimized frequency conversion ECU can accurately control the injection frequency of the oil pump and the intake air amount to extend the service life of the heater.


Effectively reduce noise through blower speed control, the speed of the fan is controlled linearly with the increasing power, and the metering oil pump adopts an improved low frequency pulse with low vibration.


The intelligent overheating sensor can prevent the heater from running dry, and the LCD dynamic display will clearly show the running state of the machine.

Package includes

Parking Heater x1

Fuel Tank x1

Air Outlet Pipe (aluminium foil) x1

Intake Pipe (aluminium foil) x1

Exhaust Pipe (stainless steel x1

LCD Switch x1

Remote Controller(Batteries Included) x1

Silencer x1

Power Harness x1

Wind Head x2

Tee Connector x1

Oil Pump x1

Oil Pipe x1

Fuel Extractor/Fuel Tank Sender Stand Pipe x1

Oil Filter x1

Air Filter x1

Fixed Plate x1

Oil Pump Clamp x1

Fixed Accessories Set as Picture Shows x1

Manual x1


For safety, please stay away from flammable materials.
Keep dry to avoid damage accessories.
Exhaust gas contains CO, exhaust pipes must be installed outdoors or outside your vehicle.
Due to the manual measurement and different measurement methods, please allow 1-3cm deviation.
Professional installation is highly recommended.

Installation PDF

Maxpeedingrods Diesel Air Heaters A Compact and Efficient Heating Solution for Your Motorhome


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