198pc Compact Tool Set Black & Yellow

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198pc Tool Set Black & Yellow
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#motorhome #accessories #vanlife #caravan #campervan #selfbuild #scotland

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198pc Compact Tool Set

198pc Compact Tool Set
3-4 Days Delivery Royal Mail 48hr Signed For

1. Forged from high-quality steel and then finished in high-polish chrome, with strength, durability, anti-corrosion protection
2. Suitable for a Motorhome or Caravan as a handy toolset.
3. The set comes in a durable case, keeping your tools safe.
4. Easy To Carry and Its sturdy interior and organizer keep all the tools in place

Package Includes:
1 x 3/8″ Ratchet Handle
6 x Combination Wrench 5/16-3/8-7/16-1/2-9/16-5/8
1 x 8″ Adjustable Wrench
9 x Hex Key Wrench 1/16-5/64-3/32-1/8-5/32-3/16-1/4-5/16-3/8
1×8″ Water Pump Pliers
1×6″ Long Nose Pliers
1×6″ Combination Pliers
1×7″ Crimping Pliers
12 x 1/4″ dr. Socket 5/32-3/16-7/32-1/4-9/32-5/16-11/32-3/8-13/32-7/16-15/32-1/2
10 x 3/8″ dr. Socket 5/16-3/8-7/16-15/32-1/2-9/16-19/32-5/8-11/16-3/4
1×3/8*3″ Extension Bar
1×1/4&3/8 Adaptor
1×5/8*16MM Spark Plug
1x3M/10FT Measure Tape
5x Precision Screwdriver(-)/( )2.4  2.0  ( )3.0
4x Screwdriver(-)/( )6*100  6*38MM
1x Bits Driver Handle
20 x 25MM Bits
10 x 50MM Long Bits
1 x 60MM Magic Bits Holder
100 x 100pcs Hardware Assortment
1 x 9″ Level
1 x Snap-off Knife

198pc Compact Tool Set

#motorhome #accessories #vanlife #caravan #campervan #selfbuild #scotland #toolkit

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